KPIs for ECM Governance

Effectively manage data and information, organizations must establish and maintain Enterprise Content Management (ECM) governance.

Leading Provider of ECM Solutions

IQBG is a leader in the planning and implementation of information and content management solutions in both the public and private sectors. Our solutions ensure the capture, management, storage, preservation, and delivery of content and documents related to organizational processes. Our solutions are FERMI-compliant, and we have a GSA Schedule 36 contract vehicle to support your acquisition process.

Celebrating Black Innovators

As February marks Black History Month, it is an opportunity to reflect on the contributions of Black Americans to our society and to celebrate the achievements of the past and present. In records management, it is important to recognize the contributions of Black pioneers who helped shape the industry. For example, in the early 20th...

A Guide to Better Organization

Investing in a well-designed record management program can save your team time and effort in finding important information and ensure the security and protection of your valuable data.


Combining AI and EIMS in the public sector provides government organizations with powerful tools to improve service delivery and decision-making, enabling real-time insights into data and automating tasks, ultimately leading to better-informed decisions and improved services for citizens.