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Managing information from creation to deletion

Secure big dataWhat is Information Governance?

Simplifying business complexities

Information governance involves creating a framework that establishes acceptable information handling practices, including creation, usage, sharing, storage, archiving, and deletion.

This includes policies, standards, processes, metrics, and roles that guide an organization’s optimal use of information to achieve its goals.

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Why is information governance so critical?Data: liability or asset?

Organizations are at risk if data isn't properly managed

For this reason, the practice of Records Management has evolved to include all aspects of Information Governance – from security to productivity, from content creation and collaboration to retention and disposition.

Security & productivity

Retention & disposition

Increase collaboration

Accelerated automation


Source: DataBerg ReportDid you know?

Around 12% of an organization’s data is Business-Critical, around 23% constitutes ROT, and up to 65% of an organization’s data is Dark Data.

Capabilities & BenefitsUnlock data potential

with Smart Governance solution

Compliance in regional & industry regulations

Automation & efficient data workflows

Lower security risk & costs to protect data.

Reduce wasteful duplication