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We offer unmatched expertise in enterprise content and records management solutions.

Over the past twenty years, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations classify, manage, archive, discover, and dispose of information. IQBG can implement an effective solution for you, saving your organization time and money while ensuring you meet legal and regulatory record retention requirements, privacy rules, and security needs.

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Strategy. Planning. Implementation

Our High-Level Assessment (HLA) is a proven, pre-packaged consulting service designed to build a multi-year roadmap around enterprise content & records management (ECRM).

Our Program Maturity Assessment (PMA) helps organizations benchmark current program maturity while providing a roadmap to meet future state requirements. PMA is available for Records Management (RM), Information Governance (IG), and Content Services (CS).

What to expectOur promise to our clients

Proactive engagement

Develop business requirements

Project return on investment

Develop technology roadmap

Recommend multi-year implementation strategy

Data consultingData management solutions

Custom data solutions to improve business decision-making

IV&V data management expertise.

Data-driven logical designs

Financial modeling and analytics

Business case development

01Process assessment

In-depth analysis of the organization’s data management strategy, implementation, and maturity.

02Data management

Ensuring that the data management strategy is embraced by the organization, and continues to follow the strategic plan.

03Data engineering

Executing the strategic plan involves creating data-focused tech specs, designing databases, aiding analysis through data profiling, reverse engineering, and developing data integration and migration solutions.

Capabilities & BenefitsDon’t let your bandwidth challenges become a liability.
FOIA & eDiscovery

From volume to staff burden to an increasingly dynamic information landscape and increasing skills gap, eDiscovery challenges are all too common.

Technology like and have made it simpler than ever to initiate FOIA requests. The DOJ reports that the demand for FOIA continues to hit record highs and predicts the numbers will not drop anytime soon. As the volume of new FOIA requests filed by the public increases, processing backlogs and staff burdens grow as agencies strive to target the 20-working-day deadline to respond to simple FOIA requests.

Our team of FOIA and eDiscovery experts considers the following “Pain Points” to develop strategies and best practices that apply to your specific.

Compliance Simplification

Streamline and simplify your information management processes to keep your organization compliant – balancing business needs with compliance requirements. We help reduce your risk. You save money and time.

  • Out-of-control content and records volumes?
  • Complex regulatory requirements?
  • Inefficient processes with excessive administration burden?
Policy & Schedule Development

Our methodology includes focused use case discussions, technology demonstrations, and training sessions. Our clients are well equipped to support their records management program, driven by effective policy and records schedules.


  • Senior staff with a primary focus is Records Management
  • Knowledge transfer and collaboration between clients & consultants
  • Case Discussions
  • Technology Demonstrations
  • Training Sessions
Information Governance

IQBG leverages several Information Governance maturity models to benchmark your Information Governance program, providing recommendations that bridge the gaps between people, policy, process, and technology to implement solid Information Governance that lasts

Creating and implementing an Information Governance maturity model that is built to last.