The Corporate Intranet Challenge

Updated: September 7, 2023 Published: August 24, 2023

Chances are high that your organization employs a shared cloud workspace or an on-premise equivalent for collaboration and file storage. This space likely houses HR content, business unit information, IT-specific data, and other knowledge-sharing hubs. An effective structure simplifies access, but a disorganized intranet leads to confusion, duplicate documents, and untapped organizational knowledge.

Structure is Key

A well-constructed corporate intranet streamlines information consumption, while a disorderly one prompts endless searches, information recreation, and missed knowledge opportunities.

The Stats Highlight the Challenge

The M-Files 2019 Intelligent Information Benchmark Report, drawn from 1,500 organizations, paints a telling picture:

  • 83% of workers recreated documents due to the inability to locate them on the network.
  • 86% encountered challenges in information searches.
  • 91% believed their job would improve with an organized information landscape.
  • 41% faced incorrect storage issues and 29% experienced data misplacement.
  • 26% struggled with system selection, and 28% weren’t sure of document versions.

The Perils of Growth

The rapid site and team creation and organic information expansion in modern organizations leads to unwieldy growth. Effective management, governance, and value extraction from stored information become challenging. Team and content sprawl compounds the issue, hampering control and yielding an unorganized knowledge landscape.

The Cost of Chaos

Lost productivity translates to lost revenue, higher costs, reduced customer satisfaction, missed opportunities, and compromised corporate memory for informed decisions.

Unlocking Value

Recognizing this, organizations are increasingly valuing well-structured and well-maintained corporate intranets. A thoughtfully curated information landscape adds tangible value across the board. Employees become more productive, satisfied, and poised for informed decision-making.

Upcoming: In-Depth Guidance

The next blog delves into intranet creation and management, maximizing value and curbing user frustration.

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