8 Critical Information Risks for Your Organization

Updated: August 31, 2023 Published: August 15, 2023
Data Security: 8 Key Risks Every Organization Must Address


  1. Data Breach: When cyber attackers breach defenses, your data’s at risk. These breaches stem from various sources – human error, cloud vulnerabilities, IoT, and more. Educating your team is the first step to safeguarding your info.
  2. Infestation: Malware infiltrates through software vulnerabilities. Ransomware, botnets, and more exploit human weaknesses. Software solutions, like cloud backups, can shield against such attacks.
  3. Service Attacks: Online platforms face attacks like DDoS, injections, and more. Complex organizations must prioritize security as modern services are exposed.
  4. Identity Concerns: Passwords and devices protect identity, but outdated systems are vulnerable. Secure cloud-based identity processes are crucial to avoid guest access issues and compromised permissions.
  5. Visibility Challenges: Complex setups demand a unified view of risks. A command center with real-time monitoring, AI, and threat analysis, is key to staying ahead of potential threats.
  6. Storage Structure Woes: Chaotic data storage causes havoc. New strategies are needed to manage vast, disorganized data, avoiding issues like unstructured intranets and ineffective backups.
  7. Process Governance: Even structured storage needs process governance. The organization’s document lifecycle, access management, and policy enforcement are crucial.
  8. Training Gaps: People pose significant risks. While tech investments rise, neglecting training is common. Empower your team with cybersecurity, product, and cultural training to combat information mismanagement.

Stay tuned for strategies to counter these risks and ensure information safety.

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