Technology SupportedDocFusion

The leading document generation solution

Modern document generation and management

Combines key elements of modern document generation and management

The leading Document Generation solution DocFusion® – now offered by IQBG – can help you manage the ever-increasing volume of documents and data that your business needs to handle on a daily basis.

As the name implies, DocFusion® combines key elements of modern document generation and management, including:

Digital signatures
Dynamic barcodes

Monitor and act on compliance content

Locate and remediate files with sensitive data

Massively reduce manual effort

Plan content migration using real content metrics


DocFusion® is a leading document-generation solution that supports any
digital transformation strategy.

A highly intuitive interface to fully transform across all areas of the business

Debbie Visser, Project Manager, ABSAClient Success

"The addition of the DocFusion services enabled our platform to source our own electronic documents, resulting in huge cost savings in terms of paper, printing, storage and time."

01 DocFusion BenefitCompose

Generate documents in batches, or on-demand using API Apps, Microsoft Azure Service Fabric or Azure

02 DocFusion BenefitProcess

Manage generated document content by designing custom processes and workflows with DocFusion Azure Cloud Services and Microsoft Flow

03 DocFusion BenefitScalable

Now hosted on Azure, the DocFusion Document Generation Engine, with a proven history of reliability, scalability, and low-latency is further enhanced with Microsoft Azure Service Fabric

04 DocFusion BenefitHigh availability

Hosting DocFusion on Microsoft Azure guarantees high availability, meaning you don’t have to worry about losing time because of server crashes, upgrades, etc.

Client Success"DocFusion and its highly intuitive interface enabled us to accelerate time-to-market for new products and communications by as much as 90% by moving document design and composition out of the IT department and onto the desktops of non-technical business line professionals."

Arthur Bucas, Associate Director, Ovations

Capabilities & BenefitsUnlock Data Potential

Compliance in Regional & Industry Regulations

Automation & Efficient Data Workflows

Lower Security Risk & Costs to Protect Data.

Reduce Wasteful Duplication