IQBG Attends INFORM 2023

Updated: July 7, 2023 Published: July 7, 2023

An Exciting Day at ARMA NJ’s Information Governance Conference


Last month, IQBG had the privilege of attending INFORM 2023, a full-day Records Information Management (RIM) and Information Governance (IG) conference hosted by ARMA New Jersey (ARMA NJ). The event took place at the prestigious Princeton University on June 6th, 2023. With a lineup of compelling educational sessions, innovative business solutions, and invaluable networking opportunities, INFORM23 proved to be a standout event for professionals in the field of information governance.

ARMA NJ: An Authority on Governing Information ARMA New Jersey, a chapter of ARMA International, is a not-for-profit professional association that specializes in governing information as a strategic asset. They provide a platform for professionals in Records & Information Management, Information Governance, Security, and Privacy to enhance their knowledge and connect with like-minded individuals in the industry. With a commitment to promoting best practices and advancing the field, ARMA NJ is recognized as a leading authority in the realm of information governance.

IQBG’s Presence at INFORM 2023 IQBG’s Vice President, of Client Delivery Services, Greg Lloyd, was present at INFORM 2023 to represent the company. With his wealth of experience and expertise in information governance, Greg was an ideal representative to attend this prestigious event. As a thought leader in the industry, he actively engages with professionals seeking strategic advisory on information governance.

If you are interested in learning more about ARMA and its information governance initiatives or wish to book a complimentary discovery call for strategic advisory, feel free to reach out to Greg.

The Conference Highlights INFORM 2023, held on June 6th, 2023, promised a day packed with educational sessions, innovative solutions, and networking opportunities, and it certainly delivered. The multi-track program offered participants a chance to explore diverse topics within RIM and IG, catering to the varying interests and needs of attendees. The conference aimed to provide an educational experience that rivaled national conferences, making it a must-attend event for professionals in the region.

Throughout the day, speakers from diverse backgrounds shared their knowledge and insights on topics such as information governance best practices, data privacy and security, digital transformation, and emerging trends in the industry. The sessions were thought-provoking, informative, and engaging, sparking meaningful discussions among attendees and providing them with valuable takeaways.

Networking Opportunities and Beyond INFORM23 not only offered an excellent opportunity to expand knowledge through educational sessions but also fostered valuable networking connections. Information governance professionals from various organizations and sectors were present, creating an environment ripe for collaboration and the exchange of ideas. The networking reception following the conference allowed participants to further connect and build relationships with like-minded professionals in the industry.

INFORM 2023, hosted by ARMA NJ on June 6th, 2023, was a resounding success and a testament to the organization’s commitment to advancing the field of information governance. The event provided IQBG’s Vice President, Greg Lloyd, with a platform to engage with industry professionals, share insights, and contribute to the vibrant information governance community. If you missed out on INFORM23, make sure to keep an eye out for future ARMA NJ events and conferences. They are sure to deliver exceptional educational experiences and networking opportunities that are not to be missed.