Technology SupportedActivenav records management

Control sensitive data and support compliance

Gain critical insights to make better data-driven decisions

ActiveNav is a data privacy and governance software provider and innovator of DMaaS (Data Mapping as a Service).

Most organizations are storing hundreds of millions of files which have no value. This digital landfill costs money to look after and can make it risky and costly to migrate to the cloud or other content management solutions. Further it can hide all manner of toxic data which presents a potentially significant risk if left unaddressed. Active Navigation can help rein in an organizations’ data!

The Active Navigation file analysis platform and solutions have been specifically developed to address this problem by:

Identifying and removing sensitive ROT data
Enhancing content value during migration
Remain compliant
Meet corporate governance standards

Monitor and act on compliance content

Locate and remediate files with sensitive data

Massively reduce manual effort

Plan content migration using real content metrics


Used globally by both governments and businesses, Active Navigation’s leading file analysis platform analyzes, cleans, and classifies unstructured information.

Active Navigation solution
is made up of three large software components:

01 ActiveNav BenefitReduce storage volume

Reduce storage volumes and cost of ownership, potentially saving $millions annually.

02 ActiveNav BenefitReduce ROT Data

Remove millions of ROT files from search and users’ daily life.

01 ActiveNav ComponentContent Compliance

Discover PII, PHI and other confidential information or information requiring special security considerations.

02 ActiveNav ComponentIntelligent Migration

Plan and automate classification of documents and records to support migration or in-place management.

03 ActiveNav ComponentContent Governance

Implement ongoing information governance and policies to ensure long-term compliance.

All of the Active Navigation solutions are built upon the proven, market-leading Discovery Center file analysis platform that can be installed in physical or virtual Microsoft environments.


Discovery Center Architecture

Basic and extended file properties

Duplicate analysis and content comparison

Unique thematic analysis to interpret text

Keyword matching to collect phrases